I have a lot to write about but most of it would hurt a lot of people so I’ll stop myself from writing about it here. Lets just say that sometimes if you procrastinate for too long.. things can get really ugly. But thank God for the grace to forgive. Thank God for family as well.. without whom you’d probably never learn the art of Forgiveness. 🙂

Weeks of working over college applications has finally paid off!! I have been accepted into a college in Toronto for a course that I believe is a step closer to fulfilling my calling! I am excited and extremely nervous.

I have about five months left in Mumbai. I cant believe its finally happening!

This is it. After three years of praying and talking about it and deciding against it and talking some more and praying some more…. AAHHHH!!! its finally happening!!

Surprisingly too much excitement leads to semi-writer’s block. 😀