Its 4 am. I have no idea why I’m up this late. I’m so bored..Wish something woud happen.Everyone’s probably fast asleep so I cant talk to anyone. Maybe I should go and wake my Mom up and tell her I want some Chai.
Its so weird but I was someone who hated tea. And I drink more tea than Coffee these days! What is the matter with me? Am I turning into a total mallu??!!

Its 4 am. Did I mention that already?

Eben and I spent some time together..after a pretty long time. Its not like I’ve not been talking to him or anything.But most of last year, we were busy and when we did meet there was always a lot of people around. So, we cant really talk about our favorite topics.
I missed his levelheadedness.
Oh and I like the way he drives. Its a refreshing change from my mom. 🙂

Right now, I’m checking out the Graffiti application on FB. Take a look at the top artists of the week. These guys are awesome. I wish I could draw or paint or something.. But even my stick figures look strange..

Its 4.15 am. I need to get to bed.