• I’ve been noticing this strange ad online. I usually don’t pay attention to ads but this one was a little disturbing. Using your picture and that of a friend to predict what your baby will look like. What is going on here? Are people generally fantasizing about having children with their friends? It didn’t say ‘boyfriend’ or ‘girlfriend’. It just said ‘friend’. Isn’t that just plain creepy?
  • I have a full week of work ahead. I’m glad for all the money that it will bring in but I’m also preparing myself to be completely exhausted and grumpy. That’s not a good way to start a week.
  • Finding an old acquaintance or friend on Facebook is great but then comes the ‘Omg! How are you?’. There is no good way to answer that question. Most answers are ‘I’m great/fine/good’. What else could you expect? No one is really going to tell you all the things that are going badly in their life or how miserable they really are, or in the case of a few, how happy they are. Because they don’t really know you. You’re someone from their past that they’ve happened to ‘bump’ into on a social networking website.
  • I hate working on the weekends because that’s when all the couples come in to get some lunch on a Saturday/Sunday afternoon. Watching them hold hands, rub noses and make out is a little nauseating.
    Excuse me while I throw up on your food.
  • When did I become like this? Or was I always like this and just never noticed?