The last week has been so refreshing. Everyday was spent with Jesus and His Word. The church has started on a One year Bible reading plan and its been awesome. Earlier I had heard of people on different plans like this but i thought it was silly and not really helpful! But I was wrong.. really wrong! Its been awesome. God’s speaking to me through the lives of Noah, Enoch, Abraham and Jesus!
The one thing I really caught on to is how he seems to be emphasizing on getting all the crutches out of my life.. Its like this- Earlier whenever I had a problem i told everyone possible to pray for me.. then it came to the stage where I asked other people to pray for me and find out what God’s will for my life was..
But now He wants for me to hear his voice and understand His will for my life.. by just praying! It seems easy enough when you hear it but I know hard it is to put it into practise..I struggled for years but I’m learning..
I’m learning to go to him with all of my issues.. like when Im angry with someone.. instead of complaining and losing my temper He gives me grace to pray and later forgive..
I’m learning to trust for the little insignificant things in life as well as the big huge mountains..
In all, I’ve had a beautiful week with my savior.. looking forward to many more..

Falling in love with Jesus all over again,
Christine J