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  • Semester Four (the very last one) of my Assaulted Women and Children’s Counselor Program (Yeah, try fitting that into a decently formatted resume..Or maybe I just suck at formatting.) In any case, mouthful as it is, this course has been amazing so far. Looking back, I can see how far I have come, the journey’s been hard but so worthwhile.
  • Of all my courses, the hardest one that I find this semester is the only online course I have – Children’s Literature. I  thought that being a English Lit student in the past, that this would come easily to me but I have been falling behind and it has me up at nights… no, not actually doing the work for the course but awake worrying that I won’t graduate. I don’t know if they have a name for my level of procrastination. I did manage to get some of the reading for that course done today. Maybe there is still some hope?
  • Every day is a day of discovering something new about myself. And though this can be increasingly overwhelming, I know that it is for the best and that understanding myself is a step in understanding others. I am in the social service field for a reason.
  • So what is it about forgiving that ‘special’ someone that brings up every horrible fight, back- stabbing, name-calling, screaming match that ever took place. Especially the ones that were initiated by this person. Seventy times seven? Feels like a lot more.
  • Heated telephone discussion about traditions in relations to weddings. Maybe everyone else expects to have that dream wedding and have their parents pay for it. That is their issue.. That does not mean that this is what I am going to do.. I have been saying this for a while now and I mean it when I say that if it is my wedding, I am paying for it and if that means that I have to cut down my guest list from 2000 to maybe 50, NOT a problem! I don’t freakin’ care. I don’t have it all figured out but I would like it to be small. Very small. I don’t really want to invite family, you know the ones that haven’t even pretended to care in years. After making this big speech and finally taking a moment to inhale, the response was ‘Don’t tell this to other people, what will they think of you. You going to pay for your own wedding?’
    I have three words for you- Take. A. Hike. (trust me, its a lot better and far more PG rated than what I was thinking)
  • Michael Buble. =) I have heard he can be kind of a douche but I don’t care at this point.. He’s adorable..
    Watch this song and then this SNL sketch.
  • Losing faith in happily-ever-afters.
    Just in time for Valentine’s Day.



Why I’m mad

This video which everyone seems to consider so great that they’re motivated enough to go out and buy the bike.. Don’t they see how freakin wrong this is on every damn level?!?!
A semi-clad woman gets down on her knees (every man’s fantasy, I’m guessing) and then turns into an object between a man’s legs. Is there something that no one else but me sees?!??! How can this be a definition of a good ad?
Its sexist. Its heterosexist. Its sizeist. And it pisses me off.
I am all for appreciating a woman’s beauty, but making an ad like that only enforces that all women have to look a certain way to be accepted as beautiful or sexy. That’s just wrong. Women are not created for the sole pleasure of man.
And playing on a man’s fantasies to sell a bike.. UGH!!!!!!
and we wonder why the average Indian male talks and acts like he owns the women who are a part of his life.

I’ve heard that sex sells, but this is just ridiculous!

No. Im not dead.

My blog isn’t either.

Its called laziness.

Quick update. I’m Christine. A crazy blend of every emotion in the world.. sometimes all at the same time.
I am taking a big step. Forward i believe.. I’m moving closer to fulfilling my calling and purpose. And this oh-so-big step involves a lot of things.. some good and some bad. For instance, I’m getting the opportunity to live away from home, stand on my own feet, take advantage of an international education and all that. The other side is that I’m closing an important chapter of my life to turn the page to this new life. And I’m still struggling with that. I don’t think I’m ready to turn the page just yet. I don’t think I’ll ever be.
I’m just a week away from getting on a plane to Canada.

Next week, I’ll be in a different country with people I don’t know.
That statement is just so heavy. I’ve never done something like this before. Not willingly at least.

I want to look at the big picture. Staying back here means I’m stuck. I’m not doing what I really want to do…

I’m just trying to take this week one day at a time. Meeting people that I wont see for a while. saying my final goodbyes to the neghbourhood trees, dogs, the mall.. To all the wonderful rickshaws. I will really miss them!
Catching up on the Radio.. *getting my fill of Bollywood. :)* and spicy food.

Just a week… I’m just a week away.

The future is bright, I know. I just don’t want to turn on the lights right now.

I really should update my blog more often. I don’t like when its all… dead. My past week has been stressful. For some reason, Mom n me have been getting into a lot more arguments. I’m sure there is a perfectly logical reason for me waking up each morning to the sound of her yelling in the kitchen. Someone please tell me what it is!!!! I really can’t take it anymore. I want to find a job so that I can get some time away from the Momster!! that way we won’t kill each other and we can get back to that loving relationship that we used to have.

But gooood news!!!

I’m going to be home alone for a week!! Momster and Justin are going to Saudi. Justin will be back by Friday and Mom plans on staying a little longer! *Peace and Quiet.. Such beautiful words* I wish Sheila was in town.. We could’ve had another week of fun but without Justin “Name, Place, Animal, Thing” just wouldn’t be the same. I miss you Shee..

My mom’s going nuts trying to figure out what i’m going to do for food. She’s convinced that I know nothing about cooking!! Which is absolute rubbish! I can make a real nice peanut butter and jelly sandwich!! and my breakfast cereal… Nothing like it!! Thats food. That you eat to survive. I didn’t say that to her coz’ you never know what could turn her into The Hulk. *I wanna watch the Movie btw* So she’s in there right now cooking up a storm. I have this feeling I could throw a party for like a 50 people and still have enough food left over to last me a month.

I’ve never been completely alone actually. Always had Justin there. I mean… in an “I’m there but don’t talk to me or breathe near me kind of way”. So this is a first. Good training for Can..


I think i’ll sleepover at Gina’s place. *I’m inviting myself over, Gina.. Thank you for being so nice to me*

GOD became Man..

GOD became Man. While the creatures on earth walked unaware, Divinity arrived. Heaven opened herself and placed her most Precious One in a human womb.

The Omnipotent, in one instant made Himself breakable. He who had been Spirit became pierceable. He who was larger than the Universe became an embryo. He who sustains the world with a word chose to dependent upon the nourishment of a young girl.

God was given eyebrows, elbows, two kidneys… God came near. He came, not as a flash of light or as an unapproachable conqueror but as one whose first cries were heard by a peasant girl and a sleepy carpenter. The hands that first held him were unmanicured, hard and dirty. No silk, no hype, no party.

Were it not for the shepherds, there would have been no reception. And were it not for a group of star gazers, there would have been no gifts.

Angels watched as Mary changed God’s diaper. The universe watched with wonder as the Almighty learned to walk. Children played in the street with him. And had the synagogue leader in Nazareth known who was listening to his sermons…

Jesus may have had pimples. Perhaps a girl down the street had a crush on him or vice-versa. It could be that his knees were bony. One thing for sure, He was while completely divine, completely human.

For 33 years He would feel everything you and I have ever felt. He felt weak. He grew weary. He was afraid of failure. He was susceptible to wooing women. He burped and had body odor. His feelings got hurt. His feet got tired.

To think of Jesus in such a way may seem almost irreverent. Its not something we like to do. Its uncomfortable. It is much easier to keep the humanity out of the incarnation. Pretend He never snorted or blew His nose or hit His thumb with a hammer.

There is something about keeping Him divine that keeps Him distant, packaged, and predictable.
But don’t do it. For heaven’s sake, don’t.

Let him be as human as He intended to be. Let Him into the mire and the muck of our world. For only if we let Him in, can he pull us out.

In one moment… the most remarkable moment the Word became flesh.

Heb. 4:15- For we don’t have a High Priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who had been tempted in every way, just as we are- yet was without sin.

They shared this with us at the youth camp. It really broke something in me. Suddenly God wasnt so unapproachable anymore.  He was just like me.  Gave me hope.

Less than perfect..

The end of April is almost here and like I had hoped my documents for my visa have been submitted. Now, All that’s left is the waiting before I hear from them. I don’t want to be at home for the next weekbecause I’m sure my parents won’t be able to talk about anything else. Thank God for church and responsibilities. If I’m keep myself occupied I wont be thinking about it much. I don’t want to think about it at all..

Our practices for youth camp are getting better. Shannon was sweet enough to help us out yesterday. I took him being the leader for granted.. It is such a difficult job and filling his shoes is pretty much the hardest thing I’ve ever come across. Four months from now I know I’m going to be grateful for everything that’s happening..But there’s still that nervousness and anxiety..

That’s when you turn to God and to his Grace.. In my weakness, his strength is perfected. I know I am fully able to go up on stage and ruin everything with the slightest amount of pride and self-dependence.
But weakness keeps me running back for more Grace. Grace- Divine Ability..that way, I know and everyone else knows it was God.

For once in my life I’m glad that I’m not perfect. But He is… And that’s all that matters.


I don’t get it. I must be doing something right for all this to be happening. If I only I knew what it was. I’d keep doing it. Still doesn’t change the fact that i’m terrified. This is huge for me.
I struggle with leading worship in a small group of 10 people. God actually showing up during worship never ceases to amaze me. And now… more than 150 people. I’m not scared. I’m completely clueless. I don’t know what to do. Part of me wants to go back into the reflex mode where I just run away and just not show up.
I also want to do this. I want to do this so bad. Its taken long enough to happen and I know its good coz’ it’ll help me grow and bring me closer to my calling.

Why is this so scary?

I have all these fears and questions in my head. I want to pray but somehow I know God’s not going to send those chariots to rapture me away…

Only one thing to do…  This time I’m depending on him. Completely. Fully dependent on him. I have nothing apart from God. I am nothing apart from God.

There. That should make things easier.

Somehow, God’s sense of humor is not making much sense these days.

I just watched Jodha Akbar.. and wow…I really wanna go read up on Indian history. It seems like I know so little. This one definitely goes down on my list of things to do.
*This is mainly for Sheila’s benefit* The movie is pretty good. I found it a little difficult to follow the language. Old Hindi sounds really beautiful but it must be a pain be a learn so I’m not going to bother. I love Hrithik and Aishwarya as an on screen couple. They’ve really good chemistry. I think I’m going back to my ‘Hrithik is so great phase’ again. And Aishwarya… Talk about finally getting close to learning how to act!! Good for you! 😛

My little surprise was my new no longer wavy/unmanageable but now super straight hair!! yes I know, not much of a surprise. oh well, My blog. My rules.
I admit I don’t love it. I miss the bounce my hair used to have. and I hate the little hole this left in my wallet. But apart from that.. I’m prepared to look like this for the next couple of months. I will have pics up soon depending on when Beni/Oscar send them to me.

Posing for pictures is still not my thing. Even with the hair..At Vio’s party on Fri, I got Beni pretty mad I think coz’ I kept messing up pictures by either talking or laughing or making someone else laugh just at the “right” time. But we got a few good ones today.. I remembered to shut up!

To Sheila:Henceforth, I accept gifts from “The Body Shop”. Lots of gifts. Thank you Beni for showing me the light. 😀

Other than being my usual annoying-yet-cute self, I was still busy with finishing off those college applications but they’re done and sent already! Freedom never felt sweeter.

That reminds me of the song Azaadi…I have been listening to a lot of Hindi worship over the past few weeks and it strikes me as really beautiful. But unfortunately there’s not enough contemporary Hindi worship. Nothing with that fresh feel. I would love to write.. but then I’m Tina from TAAJ MaHAAL. 😛

What I’ve learnt in the past couple of days:
– Canada is the Second largest country in the world!! I mean, isnt that awesome??!!
– You can study on your bed, nice and cozy under a blanket with your eyes closed as long as there is a notebook somewhere nearby. *this I learnt from Justin*
Dusky is a super intelligent dog!
– Surprise parties are fun. Especially if there’s a guitar and Ashish on it. *oooooo surooorrr*
I need to find friends who are out of college and unemployed like me!
No dinner and you’ll be up till 2 am writing a blog post!

Bedtime for me.

Gearing up for Change

The Festival of Life 08′ is over. I spent four days living on the grounds at BKC and being at home by myself instead of with that mad bunch of people i call friends feels so strange. no more grabbing a bite at the Petrol pump.No more VIP passes and fighting for seats and running to get a good view of the band. No more jumping and dancing till we couldn’t feel our legs. no more laughing like nuts with Violet. No more hugs from Josh..

Josh leaves today and I feel terrible that I didnt meet him enough. He was here for more than a month and I only met him for like 5 days in all!  Argh!!! Why do people have to leave?! i hate it. Cant everyone just stay in one place?

Dont remind me. I know I have to leave too! Do you think its easy counting the months?

I’ve never connected with a place as much as I have with this city. This place is my life. I cannot imagine a day when I have wake up to a place that sounds *and smells* nothing like this. If I had my way, I wouldnt move at all. I wouldnt pack up and leave behind everything that I love. I want to see my dear little Noah grow up and go to school. I want to sit down and help him with his homework. I want to be able to call Oscar at whatever time and bug him with my problems..even though most of the times he’s least interested. 🙂
walk around Bandra for hours with Sheila.

But like all good things…

I did it once. I can do it again.
It takes a while to get used to change.. but hopefully I will find people once again who will be my strength through those tough times.
But above all, I put my trust in God.
He’s the only who knows what He’s doing. 🙂

I still think the world would be cooler if EVERYONE lived within five minutes of each other.
Anyone know how to fill up those huge water bodies?

Final days of 07′

Its been forever hasnt it? I was all set to leave comments on the blogs I read complaining about them not putting up anything new.
And then I come home to mine… 🙂

I guess its difficult to keep putting up new stuff. A lot of what happens in my life cannot be discussed here.. mainly for political reasons. Lol.
but there’s so much that I’m thankful for… It would be stupid not to write about it..considering that my memory is so outstanding that I probably wouldnt remember most of it a month later!

First of all, Christmas was absolutely amazing!! I know I grumbled the entire week before Christmas because I needed to find a decent red shirt (Red was the theme for the worship team this year) I looked everywhere! Inorbit, Shoppers Stop at Andheri,Westside at Infinity Mall, the whole of the Lokhandwala market. I didnt find a single good red Shirt! not one! I even picked up something that I really didnt like and which cost me a bomb btw.. which finally turned out to be more ‘plum’ than anything else.
Finally, on Christmas Eve I went hunting to Phoenix Mills, miles away from home.. *excuse the exaggeration but it did seem like that when i finally got home* And there I found something that could pass off as a shade of red. Still not Red but atleast in my size.. *sigh* That is a story for another day.

Christmas at home wasnt all that great. Mom went on a cooking and cleaning spree grumbling the entire time that there was no one around to give her a hand. And somehow I found myself spending most of the morning, washing clothes. Moms.. They have such a way with words. Lunch was good though. So I forgave her.

Evening came, and I walked into Church with my hair fresh from the parlour and in my almost red outfit. Service was awesome. There was a skit by the little people based on the Story of the prodigal Son. They were so adorable. I’m so proud of the fact that they remembered all those lines. Hats off to the people who worked behind the scenes and made it happen!
Then there was another skit in Hindi called ‘Bhoj’ meaning ‘burden’. Awesome again! The message was so clear! And they did such a wonderful job..

But my favorite part was the Christmas carols. This time was tough because we found out on Christmas eve that our drummer couldnt make it to the service because of a death in the family. Shannon came up with the idea of using the beats on the keyboard. When I first heard this, All I could think was.. We’re Doomed. We might as well
not sing at all.
But surprisingly it all turned out simply super! Shannon, Chris and Gaston had worked really hard the night before and well, it was great what they came up with!

26th Morning, Mom and Dad went on a short trip with pastor and the leaders leaving us on our own. Freedom!!!!
I was out the whole day.. First I went and collected my last salary and then we all went out to Fab India. Eben’s sister Ruby wanted to buy kurtas for everyone in her family.. or atleast the men..But we were such a wild crazy group. I’m surprised they didnt throw us
out. 🙂
And then that huge glass of Sugarcane juice! That was one whopping glass and only for 6 bucks!!! most of us couldnt finish the whole thing. Vio and Virginia finally came up with the idea of taking it home in a bottle. lol

I couldnt really feel the ground beneath my feet when I finally got home around 11 hours later. I didnt even shop for myself this time! I am so selfless! 😛

Mom and Dad are back today. I did hear them complaining about how messy the house was and things like that. how could I help it?? I was out being selfless remember?

Today, Oscar and I had the God-given opportunity to meet a fabulous person. *cannot mention name here* The few hours we spent with this person.. it really opened my eyes to the greatness of God and how often we take him for granted. God is truly mind-blowing.. he loves surprises and he has a great sense of humour!
I really want to put up pics from today.. especially of Oscar’s “special face” but we need permission first. As soon as that is cleared… 🙂

I cant believe 2007 is almost over. just a few more days left!
I started 2007 with so many hopes and so many resolutions.. most of which didnt last the second week.
But I’m believing things will be different this time.
And this year something is going to happen and its going to be good. I just know it!

*so excited*