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I just watched Jodha Akbar.. and wow…I really wanna go read up on Indian history. It seems like I know so little. This one definitely goes down on my list of things to do.
*This is mainly for Sheila’s benefit* The movie is pretty good. I found it a little difficult to follow the language. Old Hindi sounds really beautiful but it must be a pain be a learn so I’m not going to bother. I love Hrithik and Aishwarya as an on screen couple. They’ve really good chemistry. I think I’m going back to my ‘Hrithik is so great phase’ again. And Aishwarya… Talk about finally getting close to learning how to act!! Good for you! 😛

My little surprise was my new no longer wavy/unmanageable but now super straight hair!! yes I know, not much of a surprise. oh well, My blog. My rules.
I admit I don’t love it. I miss the bounce my hair used to have. and I hate the little hole this left in my wallet. But apart from that.. I’m prepared to look like this for the next couple of months. I will have pics up soon depending on when Beni/Oscar send them to me.

Posing for pictures is still not my thing. Even with the hair..At Vio’s party on Fri, I got Beni pretty mad I think coz’ I kept messing up pictures by either talking or laughing or making someone else laugh just at the “right” time. But we got a few good ones today.. I remembered to shut up!

To Sheila:Henceforth, I accept gifts from “The Body Shop”. Lots of gifts. Thank you Beni for showing me the light. 😀

Other than being my usual annoying-yet-cute self, I was still busy with finishing off those college applications but they’re done and sent already! Freedom never felt sweeter.

That reminds me of the song Azaadi…I have been listening to a lot of Hindi worship over the past few weeks and it strikes me as really beautiful. But unfortunately there’s not enough contemporary Hindi worship. Nothing with that fresh feel. I would love to write.. but then I’m Tina from TAAJ MaHAAL. 😛

What I’ve learnt in the past couple of days:
– Canada is the Second largest country in the world!! I mean, isnt that awesome??!!
– You can study on your bed, nice and cozy under a blanket with your eyes closed as long as there is a notebook somewhere nearby. *this I learnt from Justin*
Dusky is a super intelligent dog!
– Surprise parties are fun. Especially if there’s a guitar and Ashish on it. *oooooo surooorrr*
I need to find friends who are out of college and unemployed like me!
No dinner and you’ll be up till 2 am writing a blog post!

Bedtime for me.



So I’ve been struggling with these college application for the last two days and since I’ve explained the situation over and over again to different people, I’m not going to start over here. Its so hard to put in your own words why you want to do a particular course. I mean you want to be yourself and yet sound super smart and eventually end up putting a lot on there that you’re not sure you want to say.

There’s so much on my mind right now… like my cupboard. I’m so embarrassed to be saying this.. but its hard to open it coz’ you never know what might fall on top of you. My big challenge these past few days has been making sure my Mom doesn’t get anywhere near it. Think of what could happen:

Mom: Where’s that white Dupatta of mine? It must be in your cupboard.. You’re always stealing my stuff!!!

Me: *From the Kitchen* I’ll get it for you. Let me just get something to eat first.

Mom: Which translates as ‘Wait a week, I’ll courier it to you’. What am I going to do with this girl?? Stop eating so much..You dont even exerci… Aiyoooo, look at the mess in this room..

Me: *halfway thru my first bite of yummy Tuna sandwich* NOooOOOOooooOOooOO maa. wait. I’ll do it.

Mom:OOf! what am I going to do with you??!! I‘m here already. I might as wellAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! Help! Help! I’m being attacked by bags!

Me: *to self* and empty boxes of chocolates, jeans that I no longer fit into,t-shirts,books..
Oh look maa, here’s your dupatta. You were right after all!

Mom: *from under a huge pile of stuff* You.. I’ll.. Just wait..
You are irresponsible, you don’t do any work at home. Just sit and get fatter! When you get married your mother-in-law is not going to let you get away with living like this. I’ll get a bad name because of you!!!! and look at all these chocolate wrappers.. no wonder you’re getting rounder!!!! *tries to get off the floor*

Me: *helps her up*

Mom: …and you haven’t found a job yet.. How long should I pay for you. You’re 21!!!!! Do something with your life! Your father has spoiled you. Just wait, I’ll tell him all this.NO MORE CHOCOLATES FOR YOU NOW!!

So, now you know why I have to get my cupboard cleared up ASAP! How can I live without chocolate?!!! Aiyooo! 😛

Moving on to seriouser topics..
This Wednesday, I got a chance to go for house church at Borivali with Eben and Oscar and I realized that I really missed being a part of Shannon’s house church.I miss him and his guitar. I love the way he teaches the Word. He’s so much fun. You just know he has spent a lot of time and effort to prepare the Word. And I have rarely met people who are so theologically sound. Most people just believe whatever they’re told. No searching scripture for the answer. I’m just so grateful to be under his leadership. I started from there.. and I’m here today because he invested so much into my life. *gives Shannon cool pink guitar as token of gratitude*

I have to end this earlier than I thought. There’s some wedding in the building and they’ve asked a band *no not a cool one.. one of those marching bands* and they’re playing extremely loud and annoying songs from Om shanti om which happens to be the stupidest movie of the century!! Even Himmesh’s masterpiece was stupid but slightly believable!!

Happy weekend all!!!

4 days more!!

I don’t even remember the last time I put up a post. How come December is always so busy? I’m out almost every single night.. Looking for something red. Thats what the worship team is wearing this year. So far nothing.. For some reason, the mall didn’t have anything. I tried Shoppers Stop, Westside, Lifestyle, almost every single shop in the Lokhandwala market!!
*argh* I hate shopping. Especially when I have to pay for my own stuff.
Dad’s home for Christmas. He looks a lot older and thinner since I last saw him and He was here in November! I dont want to think of what it’ll be like when I dont see him for more than 6-8 months.

I have such mixed feelings about that topic.One minute I’m super-excited and vowing not to get one of those weird accents thats neither Amreekan or Indian and then the very next i’m depressed.. Thinking of all the people I want to take with me..

Would it be weird if I carried a little dirt from my Indian earth?

Goodbyes are so hard.

I feel like everything I do is important. Like everything has a purpose.. even something as simple as a phone call or a message. Last Christmas with my family, last new year in India … Dont know if I’ll be as lucky as Sheila to come rushing home for Christmas or birthdays…

Tomorrow is my last day at work. I’m gonna miss the place so much.. I cant believe that I held this job for 5 months. It seems like they just flew by… I wont be surprised if I wake up on Monday morning ready to get to work. I might just drop by the office to check on the new girl and make sure she’s not making any mistakes. 🙂
I’ll miss those crazy people. It’ll be so weird not seeing them every day, not having lunch together. Coffee time will be so boring without them.
Cartoons. All of them. 🙂

I’m so bored right now.. I’m watching the whole of Jab We Met on YouTube.. LOL.

4 more days to Christmas.
The day that Christ was born.
And I’ll be home with family
resting in their love.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!


Life, Love and Friendship

Its been a while since my last post. And I havent come up with any convincing excuses, so Im not going to bother.  🙂
This past week has been really busy. Dad was home for about 10 days but I didnt get as much time with him as I would’ve wanted. Work and church and my keyboard. Im lost somewhere in the middle of these three.

Yes, My keyboard has finally begun to see the light of day. This time its because I want to. No one’s forcing me. My parents arent threatening me. Nothing..
Something I want to keep with me. I love singing along while Im playing. I always thought that was complicated. To really sing while playing.. But its not that bad.. and Eventually if I get good at this, Maybe Ill pick up the guitar or something. Who knows?
Life seems full of possibilties now.

I watched ‘A Walk to Remember’ again. What a beautiful movie.. Although I thought Mandy Moore was annoying. The movie was just… perfect. Its so important to just wait sometimes. Love will find you in the most unexpected places. 
‘A Walk to Remember’ is going down on my list of books. 

Speaking of lists, Im going to sit down and make a list of everything I want to do or see in my life. Lol.. Maybe the movie inspired me more than I thought it did. And I believe that desires don’t go unfulfilled when you partner with a Father like mine.

Like the way he brings old friends back. The right time. Perfect way.

Contemplating the beauty of life, love and friendship,


I stayed up and watched Ocean’s Eleven for the 3rd time last night! That is one brilliant movie!!! Anyone else in love with Daniel Ocean?? Wouldnt it be cool to have a last name like Ocean.. That one’s going on my list. My list of things to do before I turn 31.

Why 31? Because I like it better than 30.

The first thing on my list is to go bungee jumping. I really wish I had company. Anyone but Oscar though..He might think its cool to jump without all the safety gear. He’s a scary little person.
Thanks to his accident, He has now come to realise that hitting a 90 on his bike might not be such a good idea. *rolls eyes*

Getting back to a better last name..
Christine Ocean sounds kinda weird though. Maybe I should change my first name too.. Any ideas?

Losing weight is also there .. somewhere.. on the list. 😛

I’m in the mood for another vacation. Oh yeah thats on my list too. A trip around the world!
Dont you just love how my titles have absolutely no connection to my posts?!! 😀

We did it. We finally watched the movie. I sat thru two hours of Himmesh.. im sorry.. HR. There were times when I wanted to get up and run out of the theatre screaming! But I made it. Im alive. I’m so proud of us.. Especially Paras. He watched the horrible thing twice!

The story.. if you could call it one.. is about the life.. actually two weeks in the life of India’s greatest rockstar Himmesh Reshammiya a.k.a HR.  *stops Oscar from jumping off a bridge*. HR is on tour in Germany for his “awesome” show *which we missed because we got there late*. After the Show, the police take him away as he is the accused in the murder of a German news Reporter, Nadya Merchant. *That was the time we got to the theatre*.

From the moment we entered the theatre, the movie didnt make sense. It just didnt. There was no flow. Just random scenes. One minute He’s in Germany crying over the fact that his girlfriend is getting married to someone and then suddenly He’s in India singing and “dancing” with her. Then within a day he manages to solve the entire mystery of who killed the girl and why he was being framed. And let me just kill the story for you. The killer was some bald guy wearing a Himmesh mask, cap et al! Can you believe that?!!! A mask that looked exactly like him! ahhahahahahhahahahaha.. What a joke!

We still dont know why he wears a cap or why he laughed like that at a “joke” and why he seemed to be more in love with his best friend than with the beautiful Riaa?! There was a moment when we thought HR would lean in and kiss him! There was a 3 second scene of him without a cap but we still dont know what He was trying to hide under the cap! There was also this bit where he drinks for the first time and does this whole Im-so-drunk Dance. Heck.. I act better on a daily basis and I dont even drink! *sugar high*

And the music.. Oh my Goodness… Can you imagine that awful nasal voice in that tiny theatre?! Ouch! That had to be the worst part of the movie.

Mallika Sherawat didnt even have a role in the movie. She was a cross between a ‘lawyer’ and a bar dancer. Awful.. simply awful. Hansika was ok. Nothing great. She’s just a child. And there are moments in the movie when that is so evident! His best friend and his girlfriend Baani were like props in the movie. They were just there shouting out random dialogues expecting us to understand what they were talking about.

The great thing about the movie are the BMW’s… There were so many! I think Oscar enjoyed it the most.. He was so amazed at the way Himmesh was driving that car in that chase scene. I looked at him and he was sitting there with his mouth wide open.. And He kept imagining that he saw Chipmunk everywhere. *name changed to protect Oscar* What is Justin going to think?! tsk tsk.

The weirdest thing was that there were three policemen in uniform sitting behind us!! They left after the first half.. lol.. Maybe they couldnt stand that we were laughing.. especially at all the inappopriate moments. What were we supposed to do?! There he was on the screen telling his girlfriend how much he loved her.. while managing to look constipated the entire time! Thats comedy all the way! 😀

I have only one thing to say in conclusion-
Where there is Faith, there is No Fear! 
Jahan hai bharosa, wahan darr nahin *finally.. got it!*

Hey Sheila, Wanna go watch it again?

Stop jumping. I was kidding. Im not going to do that to myself again.
Let’s go watch Transformers instead. 🙂