• Life is at its ultimate suckage right now. I’ve concluded that this is because I have failed. I’ve failed at life, at love and everything in between.
  • Mornings are a chore. Waking up to everyone of my insecurities each day, not knowing how to get around them, is exhausting.
  • Every night, I lie in bed, begging for sleep, but feeling so overwhelmed, that it is morning before I actually fall asleep.
  • I intensely dislike myself. I tried… for a long time, to appreciate myself. I tried to find those qualities and skills that others boast of but I couldn’t. I try so hard to blend in, be a different person for different people, just so that I could be someone that everyone liked… I don’t really know who I am anymore. But who or whatever I am, I still dislike myself.
  • You know how you make jokes at my expense? Every time you do, I laugh along with you, but inside I am convinced that the wall that I built around myself, is crumbling and you can see who I really am. And as someone said to me, ‘if I don’t like myself, why will other people like me?’
  • That’s probably why I sabotaged every relationship I’ve ever been in. I dive in without thinking of the repercussions and then when it actually becomes real, I pull away.
  • I haven’t talked to my best friends from school in a week. I don’t know how to be myself with people without having all this pour out of me. I can’t keep dumping my emotional garbage on people.
  • I need to reinvent myself. Be the bitch instead of the pushover. Be that person that doesn’t care what the world thinks of her. Create opportunities. Fight my own battles. Be what I want to be.
  • This post was for Joel because he asked. I only wish it could have been a more cheerful one. I miss you, dude.