• Today, I took the day off, for me, to relax and recuperate. It is a good thing.
    Then why do I feel so terrible?? Why can’t I EVER take a day off from school or work or placement, without feeling so guilty and overwhelmed, even when I am physically sick and mentally exhausted and hot showers, long hours of sleep and good food are just not helping? I will never understand the complexities of my mind.
  • I look at the weeks ahead in hope of working towards that one day where I can come home, go to bed and sleep in the next day. There are no such days in my life. None. So when I don’t reply to emails or call back immediately or reply with enthusiasm to all those text messages, remember that in my 7 day week, I get 0 days off.
  • Do you ever feel like people only want you around when its convenient for them and take you for granted the rest of the time? I am not your emotional doormat. If you’re on an effin’ rollercoaster, don’t drag me along. I’ve got my own stuff to deal with. Just sayin’.
  • Last night, in the laundry room, I saw an ad for a grand piano that someone was selling for $5000. What I would give for that money and the space!  Although if I did have that much money, I would first book me a trip to Bombay and buy a net-book for Justin. (Don’t tell him that, I don’t want to spoil him.) And then I wouldn’t be able to afford the piano anyway…
  • For every time I have wanted to scream because of customers who are just insanely ridiculous, I found this website.. I know now that I am not the only one! Customers are stupid all across the world. http://www.notalwaysright.com
  • And for those days when I don’t feel like I’m fashionable enough *lots of laughter in head*, http://www.poorlydressed.com
  • I saw Valentine’s Day last night.. Now there’s a movie where the number of actors and mini-stories were not proportionate with the length of the movie. I think it could have been done a lot better and that the actors would be able to do justice to their roles. The Taylors are both terrible actors, I really hope they are not looking at acting as a career. At least Swift has her music, maybe Lautner can train young ninjas?
  • Yesterday, I kept running into random strangers who thought they should have some say about what I should do with my life.
    Scene 1: I am with my friend in the supermarket looking for chocolate covered pretzels. I couldn’t find them and so I asked her what she thought was better – Chocolate covered peanuts or chocolate covered almonds? Before she could even answer, a man standing across from us said, ‘Almonds. They’re nutritious. Peanuts are not nuts, they’re vegetables (WTF?)’ I thought that was strange but I thanked him and proceeded to put chocolate almonds into a bag (my friend thought the almonds were better, I was going with her choice.) The man walks over to us and says, ‘What?! Those aren’t almonds! That’s poison!!’
    Um, Who the heck are you?!?
    Scene 2: We’re sitting in the theater watching the previews and the ads, when the woman in front of us turns around and says ‘You’re wearing perfume aren’t you?’ We were a little shocked and didn’t really get a chance to say anything before she continued, ‘ You are. I know you are. I’m going to move.’
    Fine by me. Your stupidity would probably have ruined my movie experience.

  • The snow and the wind look mad today.
    Time to go back to bed.