I am the little girl, muddy, dirty and ragged, listening to the sound of the water as I walk along the banks of the river.I walk towards him; I know that He wants to see me. As I get closer I see Him dressed in a robe of pure white.I notice how dirty I am compared to him. I do not stop. I keep walking. I know I need to. Something pulls me forward.When I am but an arm’s length away, He kneels down and waits for me to cross that small distance between us.I watch as he uses his fingers to wipe away the grime and the dirt. He dips his hand into the cool water that runs beside us and gently wipes away at my face. And even though I cannot see it, I know that I am cleaner than when I started out.He gives me clothes to wear, new and clean and just as I think that there can be no more, He hands me a gift.Something, that to my young mind is so fragile that if I let go, even for a moment, I feel like I would never see it again. As I see this object so beautiful and precious, I am compelled to find someone to share it with. I know that I need to share this with others.. I run and find other children like me and show them what I’ve found, not to boast but because I want to share, because I want them to feel the love that I felt. I point Him out and then I can’t help but lead them to him.
And even in a crowd, I know His eyes see my heart, He hears the whispers of my soul
and it is in Him, that I see myself for who I really am.