1. My first turkey dinner of the year today, at the Holiday party I helped organize at the shelter. I can’t believe its over, after all the planning, decorating, practice sessions with the kids, multiple trips from the basement to the second floor, it’s done. I’m exhausted. Dinner was good though.
  2. After three months, I feel like I’m finally connecting with the women and children. I love these kids, they make me laugh and cry with all their antics. But what I love best of all… the hugs. =)
  3. My first Christmas away from family and as much as I try not to think about it, the thought and the emotion that follows shows up pretty often… No matter how awesome my friends are here, it’s just not the same. We didn’t have any traditions that we followed but we were all together at that time, all four of us. And that made it special enough.
  4. I’m one week away from completing my third semester in this program; which means I have until April to figure out life and what I want to do. It is at times like this, that I just want to shut down and have someone else make all the decisions for me. Growing up sucks.
  5. I miss making music… For so long that was who I thought I was. The singer, musician, song writer. An artist of sorts. It wasn’t perfect but it was mine… and now I don’t really know where I stand. For now, I look on from the sidelines. Maybe I’ll find another passion, maybe I won’t.
  6. Justin turned 21 last week. He’s growing up and I’m trying to catch up. I miss you kid.
  7. I hate this December.