This video which everyone seems to consider so great that they’re motivated enough to go out and buy the bike.. Don’t they see how freakin wrong this is on every damn level?!?!
A semi-clad woman gets down on her knees (every man’s fantasy, I’m guessing) and then turns into an object between a man’s legs. Is there something that no one else but me sees?!??! How can this be a definition of a good ad?
Its sexist. Its heterosexist. Its sizeist. And it pisses me off.
I am all for appreciating a woman’s beauty, but making an ad like that only enforces that all women have to look a certain way to be accepted as beautiful or sexy. That’s just wrong. Women are not created for the sole pleasure of man.
And playing on a man’s fantasies to sell a bike.. UGH!!!!!!
and we wonder why the average Indian male talks and acts like he owns the women who are a part of his life.

I’ve heard that sex sells, but this is just ridiculous!