I spent almost 40 minutes waiting for a bus on a cold and very wet Friday. It was partly my own fault; sometimes you make decisions that aren’t the best.

The assignments are pouring in and it looks like a stressful semester up ahead but I need it. There are things on my mind that I’d rather not think about and having assignments to worry about, helps a lot.

I am slowly getting used to placement and being around the residents and their children at the house.. there is still a lot more that I would want to do but I really don’t know where to begin and I’m giving myself some time to figure things out.

I miss music in my life. I mean, I still listen to it every single day but there’s a difference between listening and making your own. And I miss that. Being in the middle of it, watching it grow and spread from one person to another bringing life and joy and peace. Its an awesome experience. And I miss it.

I’m discovering new things that I dislike about myself. Its a hard journey, this life.

Staying in bed til the rain clouds have disappeared and I am nothing like the old me.