I am sleep deprived and in Zurich airport. This has to be the emptiest airport I have ever seen. There is no one around me excpet for a woman selling swiss chocolate. I might go check that out in a while. Or not. Carrying around a heavy backpack is not as fun as I imagined.

My flight here was ok. Air Canada is not as bad as some people told me it would be. The seats were ok, the food was fine. (although they did serve only a muffin and coffee for breakfast, which was at 12 midnight, canadian time) the movies were pretty ok too.

I got an aisle seat in the middle row so I couldn’t really see much out of the window and anyway, I kept glancing over so often that the guy sitting there probably thought I was checking him out. But the view from my seat of Zurich as the flight was descending was very beautiful. Very green and golf-course like.

They had a couple of episodes from the Office which I watched. I also watched My Life in Ruins starring the lovely greek woman from My Big Fat Greek Wedding but this movie was just ok. Nothing great. Then, I found X-Men Origins:Wolverine and OMG! Hugh Jackman.. Spectacular! Wow. Just amazing!!! I loved it! I wanna go back and watch all the X-men movies.. what a sad ending. 😥 and Ryan Reynolds was in it too.. *sigh* I heart him.. (I wish he had a longer role though)

The woman who sat next to me watched no movies. She only looked at the map of the flight and flight information. She seemed nice enough but four hours into the flight and there it was… horrible bad breath. She wasn’t talking to me but she would.. I don’t know.. breathe and then I could smell it. Oh goodness. terrible terrible. I hope I don’t have to go through that again. I thought of offering her some gum or toothpaste but I thought that would be very impolite.
There are several magazines next to but they’re all in the.. uh… language of Switzerland. Not very helpful. I guess I’ll just go back to reading Breaking Dawn.

Oh look, there are people now. brown people too! Who would’ve thought.
Next flight in 70 mins.