Is it just me or does that rhyme a little bit? Just me? Yeah I thought so.

I just haven’t been able to sit down and update this blog which I feel terrible about. Before Beni (BB), I had so many things to rant and rave about and now at the BC residence all we do is talk and rant and rave. I have someone to talk to, someone like minded.. (well sort of) and it just sorta took away the need to blog. She cooks and paints and sings too. Where did I find such a gem of a roommate? Why on the internet of course! Where else?!

So, I’ve been around. Got a job which should see me through the summer and the next academic year.  Jobs are so ridiculously important and even though I have spent my whole life terrified and running and hiding from jobs, here I am ready to begin *another* one.

I also had an interview for a second year placement and I sincerely hope that I made a good enough impression to get an email saying that I’m in. Otherwise, I’ll have to keep hunting and frankly, I am just not in the mood. I get it. If you want a placement by Sept, you should apply in April. But what’s messed up is that in April, I was doing my first year placement. So I didnt have the time to go about trying to find a second year placement. So anyway, fingers crossed.

I had a decent conversation with my brother today. It was short but I realised how much I miss him sometimes. We’re not very close, terrible at keeping in touch but I think we’ll always have a place for each other in our lives. Looking at the examples of family “love” around me (read Dad’s crazy family.. I wonder why they even bother), I hope that we wont let trivial things like land, property, money, jewellery etc come in between what we have. That said, Justin if you’re reading this.. remember the house is mine. Always has been, always will be. You’re welcome to come stay though.

Twilight fan fiction keeps me up at night. Twilight fans use the characters from the book and weave their own stories with or without the whole vampire/werewolf stuff. Some of it is really interesting and although picturing Rob Uglyface Pattinson as Edward Cullen gives me a headache, I really like the ones I am currently reading– Wide Awake, Of Gemini and Gypsies, If love could light a candle, The Office and Creature of Habit. I dont know how I keep the storylines for all of these intact in my head. What did I have for lunch yesterday? Not a clue.

I often wonder where I will be at this time next year.. Canada or B’bay? Or maybe Paris? One can dream..
whatever happens… Je ne regrette rien.