I have so many books to read.. I dont know why I sit online all day.

My list-
Eclipse- Book 3 in the Twilight series
City of Ashes- Book 2 in the The Mortal instruments series
My sister’s Keeper- Jodi Picoult
My sister from the Black Lagoon- Laurie Fox ( I started this but I didn’t really like it)
Six reasons to stay a virgin- Louise Harwood
Oyster catchers – Susan Fletcher
Rachel’s holiday- Marian Keyes

I am reading A fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry right now. If you havent read it yet… GO now!!  NOW!

Beni will be back next week which is a relief. lol.. She might befrom another planet but she’s kind and lovely and wonderful and all that. 🙂

Today I spent in my room, either online or on my bed.. I was looking through old birthday cards, letters, diary entries. Just so grateful for those people and those times in my life. I still sit back and think about whether this is what I really wanted. I mean I could have just stayed back and spent time with those people..

…but then I wouldn’t have learned so much about myself.

Moving was a good thing but sometimes…

…all I can do is keep breathing