Beni has an exam tomorrow and we thought it would be a great time to make brownies during the course of which there were several interesting moments-

“Cough” (pronounced ‘cuff’)

“Pissa” (Pizza as a Mallu would say it)

“You have so much ‘cuff’, you should go to the Ee-yen-dee (ENT)”

“The Quoon (queen) has a cuff, let’s give her a blaanget (blanket) and a kuilt (quilt) and then take her to an Ee-yen-dee”

“Spaagatti” (Spaghetti)

“oh there’s a creamy inside” (Dont ask me.. Ask beni)

“Let’s mix the creamy with the brownie”

“CooCoombur” (Cucumber)

“Creamy cuff”

“My cuff tasted weird”

“How do I make my cuff taste creamy?”

“Skin treatment is rubbing creamy and brownie mix on skin”

“Otri beautifull”

The brownies were pretty good. A little too “creamy” maybe but still good.