-The weather has been so beautiful today. It was pleasantly warm in the morning and then it started to rain by the time I left placement.. and it hasnt stopped since. Reminds me so much of home.

-Beni is finally in Toronto! She’s moving in tomorrow morning… I can barely believe this is actually happening. Part of me feels like I am in some elaborate dream.

– In Beni’s honour, I changed the look of my room. I moved the furniture around.. Did some cleaning. Still havent gotten a chance to organise. ugh.. I like the way I have it arranged for now. Its cosy. Maybe I’ll put up pictures at a later date.

– After all the room decorating and cleaning, its past 1 am and as always I am sitting here awake, writing a blog post.

– Time to go watch Lost.

Rain rain rain rain. *sigh*