This is my first time experiencing Spring. It’s not just something they teach you in school- its REAL!If you grew up in Mumbai or a desert you will understand why Spring seems like a myth.  New leaves, flowers, allergies and rain! its all true!!!! So in keeping with the season, I switched to my new Spring theme. It’s so fresh and green…

… and a little Christmassy for some reason.

I discovered today that I have managed to cover my tracks on the internet. It was starting to get a little freaky especially since I learnt that future employers look you up on google! WHY?!!?! Not to mention the creepy stalkers on the net. So I have made every effort not to let myself be so well known on the internet. I could do with a little less publicity.

I haven’t started working yet. I’m not wasting time.. I still have a lot of school related work to finish, read placement.

On top of all this, my mother occasionally poses questions about when I want to get married and if I found anyone. So finally, unbeknownst to her, I set up a profile on Hilarious! I have so many people ‘interested’ in me and so now if my mother brings it up I’ll show her my profile! There was even a gora. Lol..

But seriously, my mother is starting to scare me. Last I heard, she wanted to get me married before I turned 24, which is less than 2 years away. And she’s not the only one who is going through this crazy mother phase’ its every *Indian* mother I know. My Plan- go to India in August. Come back to Canada and go into hiding for the next 3 or 4 or maybe 7 years.
Isnt it weird.. When I was 16, all I wanted to do was get married by the time I was 23. But now that I am so close to that age, I feel like the walls are closing in on me. Ugh.

Its not because I havent met the man for me or because I don’t believe in the institution of marriage. I know I am not ready. Far from it. I can barely survive on my own and having another person to love and hold and cherish… Not at this point. Unfortunately, my mother and every other ‘mother’ figure in my life doesnt seem to see that. Marriage is NOT a milestone people. Its not something to tick off my List-of-things-to-do-before-I-die. Marriage is a big fricking responsibility. I have seen and heard so many stories of broken marriages that I am not willing to take the plunge unless its someone I can trust to be responsible enough to take that step with me. I think I am being rational.

Now someone go talk to my mother!

Peace in the Middle East, rain in Spain,