So I made the mistake of taking a nap yesterday afternoon that sort of lasted 2 and a half hours longer than I expected it to and now I cant sleep!

I tried everything, counting sheep, counting clouds, houses, apples.. nothing helped. Most of the time I felt suffocated and unbearably warm. So after an hour of tossing and turning in bed at 3 am I finally gave up and came back online.

Have you noticed that everything gets amplified at night? Your breathing seems louder, you hear every sound the house makes, the door has to creak every time you open it.. I’ve never heard it creak in the morning. So weird. Maybe the house hates me.

Anyway, I am still on my Scrubs marathon and I was watching an episode that really made me want to laugh. Is 4.30 am too early to be laughing out loud? Just wondering.

I have a full day of placement (unpaid volunteer work) tomorrow and I have no idea how I am going to stay awake. I really hope that Thea entertains me somehow. I have to get through tomorrow and then I will just come home and sleep. That’s the plan. I can do this.

oh and for How I Met Your Mother fans.. the woman who plays Robin is preg and they’re trying so hard to hide it on the show and its so obvious. Random Useless fact. Oh well.

I might go straighten my hair and start getting dressed for placement even though it is only 4.45 am.

Good day to all you lovely people.