Since EVERYBODY and their pet mongoose has been asking why I haven’t been blogging… I present another one of my posts!

Just a week left before we break for the summer and I have a truckload of assignments to do. I really hope I am on one of honor roll thingies this time; not that I have worked particularly hard but it’ll make me happy. I like being happy.

In other news, I am broke. So broke that I can’t shop 😦 and I have to think really hard before buying lunch at school. Serves me right for wasting all my money. I can’t help wishing that someone would get in touch with me saying that the Canada would like to reward me 10,000 canadian dollars for being so patient with them and all their stupid laws. If only…

I’m still trying to apply for my off-campus work permit. Such roadblocks! I wish they hadn’t changed it to a complete online application. If I had to just send the stupid thing in, it would’ve been done by now. Argh! And it does not help that my parents are frustrated and let all that out on me. I wish this recession would be done already.

I’m hoping to go home in August. No surprises this time.. its just a lot of hard work. Although it was worth it. 🙂
But I really need to go home this year and I dont want to go in December because that’s a busy time of the year for a lot of people. Maybe I can go in August AND in December.

Again, I wish Canada would give 10,000 Dollars. *sigh*

In 19 days my new roomie will finally be here. I really don’t know what things will be like. I sincerely hope that at the end of this we will remain friends. Lol.. I am so excited!!!

For your entertainment, I give you my favorite video at present-