– I love listening to music when I’m traveling. It’s something that I have always done and I don’t even have to really listen to the song, I just need it playing in the background. I could be talking to someone in person or on the phone or reading a book. Maybe people watching. I just need to have some music playing.

– When certain songs play, I look around, outside the window of the streetcar or even at the people around me in the subway and I like to pretend that we’re all in the music video together. Or if I’m walking while I’m listening to the song, I walk to the beat of the song. Does everyone do that? I wonder.

– I’m reading this book called ‘The Year of Secret Assignments’ (There was a book sale). It’s about three best friends who study together and they have an assignment in their English class where they are supposed to write letters to students of a rival school. the chapters are written either as letters or diary entries. I can’t seem to put it down… I find myself so lost in it sometimes that I feel like I am one of the characters in the book. Maybe not a main character, maybe the mother or the younger brother or the dog.. just observing, with a few lines in between. (how come I’m not a main character in my own little fantasies?! Do I have such low self-esteem?)

– What I like most about the book is the whole pen pal aspect to it. In the age of emails and facebook and twitter, a letter is so refreshing. And for as long as I can remember, I have always been fascinated by pen pals. I think I am going to look around for a website or something of the sort.

– I think the reason I’m really drawn to this book is because its a book about high school kids. Closer to my mental age.  The last few books I have been reading have something to do with pregnant women. I know so much about pregnancy now that I am quite sure I do not want children anytime soon. The whole nine months seem like such an ordeal.. I am in no way ready to go through something like that. Not to mention, I do not have the money. Do you know how expensive it is to have a baby?! Food, clothes, diapers, books, toys, diapers, cribs, strollers, diapers, lack of sleep, blankets, Johnson’s baby products, diapers!!!

– Now you’re probably wondering why I’m talking of babies when I’m nowhere close to getting married. (Or maybe you’re not thinking that… maybe you’re used to me by now) Marriage is another one of my favorite topics and every few days I make a new discovery about marriage in relation to me. Like a few weeks ago, I realized that I am not ready for a relationship because I am not spiritually or emotionally mature enough. Therefore, I conclude, that I am not ready for marriage for the same reasons plus an additional reason- financial independence and stability. Last week, it dawned on me that this whole marriage thing was a race- between me and my parents. I have to find someone before my mom does. Why? Because I am going to live with him, not her. Today, I discovered another important point- I want to be with someone that’s mysterious in a quiet, rebel kind of way. Not a rebellious rebel. (No. That did not make sense even to me) Someone who doesn’t do things because everyone else does, who swims against the current but not because he wants to be noticed. Just because that’s who he is.

-Maybe I shouldn’t have written that last paragraph. I think its only supposed to make sense in my head. Well, you’ll know when I find him.

– I decided on names for my kids a year ago… Claire and Adam. But that’s assuming that I have a girl and a boy. I didnt have names incase I had two girls or two boys. So other names that I thought would be nice- Emily and Andrew.

– Is it weird that whenever I think of my daughter I always imagine a girl with blond pigtails and blue-green eyes?

Now would be a good time to get to my assignments.