– went in for my placement interview. I got there an hour early, tried my best to look professional (note to self- buy dress pants) and appear like I would be suitable for the placement. The interview took all of three minutes during which we discussed how exercices leave you sore but that’s how you know its working. I have the placement and I will start volunteering there as soon as I get my off-campus placement permit. The place seems nice and friendly, there are a few Indians there and Thea is doing her placement there as well! I think it’s going to be fun!

– found a beauty salon near my placement!! CHEAP! Well not compared to B’bay but compared to the rest of Toronto… so cheap!

– shopped. Don’t look at me like that. I havent shopped in a really long time. I bought myself a pair of cute spring shoes, a beautiful hat and a dress from Old navy. That dress was originally 34$ but it was on sale for 15$ and then the sales lady said that if I gave her my email I’d get a 30% discount. I got the dress for 11 bucks in the end!!! Love it!

– had authentic sushi for dinner. Raw salmon, white fish and some other fish. I thought I might not like it but it was really good. Thea’s going to take me to an All-you-can-eat-sushi place soon. I also had chicken Teriyaki and Shrimp Tempura.. Yummmmmy!

– was waiting in line at Starbucks in the food court of the mall when Thea suddenly said, “Oh my God!”  I turned around and there was a young-ish brown guy sitting with his family. His back was towards us and I saw the biggest butt crack I have ever seen! It almost looked like he was not wearing any pants… it was that low!  SO GROSS!! Ugh! Naturally, we started laughing and then people around us started looking around to see what we were laughing at. A bunch of school girls right next to us ran away. Soon, people were walking over just to take a look. One guy asked us what was going on and when we told him, he called his girlfriend over to see. LOL.

– was so sore the whole day..(I’m still in such pain). I had a crazy 15 minute Ab workout two days ago and I havent been able to walk since because my hips are so sore. It hurts to walk up stairs, hurts to walk down stairs.. it fricking hurt to get in and out of Thea’s car. I felt like an old woman with arthritis.. 😦

– went to a fundraising party. My friend is going to Cuba over the summer to do her placement and I wanted to help. Thea and I kept each other company but we had fun. Thea taught me a new card trick and we took pics of our pretty shoes. LOL.

– got lei-d at the party. Hawaiian theme. Some guy came dressed in a T-shirt and a grass skirt; I could even see his undies! Stayed away from him all night.

– took the subway home at midnight. I thought it would be scary but there were quite a few people and I made it home before 1 a.m

– discovered that Thea and I have so much fun when we’re together. I should bring her to India with me as a treat for you guys! 🙂