– I have a week left of my mini-vacation and then its back to waking up earl(ier), long lectures, assignments, subway rides, drama, laughter, coffee and passing notes. I am so ready!

– I finally got ahead with my the process for my work permit. I was stuck for the past few days, couldnt even get past the online verification process and today I found out that the reason for that was I put Saudi Arabia as my place of birth(which is what it says on my passport) but the system couldn’t recognize me because on my study permit, my place of birth is India. So from one problem to another…!!
It would be so easy to just give up.

– I also might start with my placement sometime soon. I have an interview this week and hopefully I will make a good impression. *fingers crossed*

– I saw a girl with blue hair on the bus today!! BLUE!! Electric blue! 😀 Gives me ideas!

– Snow is back… beautiful snow. Its a little colder than usual and I’m not dressed warmly but I could care less.. SNOW!

– Grey’s Anatomy is on tonight! I think i might cry tonight.

– I miss B’bay…

but then, I always do…