-I believe after all the depressing posts lately, I need to blog about random things on my mind. Just to get things off my mind. How ironic.

– I’m done with week one of my three week vacation. I am tired of it already. I’m a people person which means I need people around me. Lots of people. I can’t deal with this being by myself thing.

– I keep listening to Rehab by Rihanna. Its not like I relate to the song. Don’t think I’ve ever felt like that about anyone.

– I’ve read the first two books in the Twilight series. I am a little ashamed of myself. I had promised myself that I would not read it and now that I have.. I enjoyed it. She has a great captivating style of writing.

– I haven’t shopped. I’m a little proud of myself. Although shopping does involve leaving the house occasionally which again I have not been doing.

– This entire weekend has been devoted to tea, movies, playing nurse ( well trying to at least) and living like a bum which translates into really messy room.

– I think I’ve lost weight. Oscar thinks so too and my clothes seem to support his theory. Walter, on the other hand, does not think so. Oh well.

– I need to find placement soon. I also have to apply for my work permit, my placement permit and finish all my assignments that are due in two weeks. Ugh.

– I don’t think my meds are working.

– I miss being with sheila. I love talking to her and although are mostly clueless about how to deal with our own lives… we almost have great advice for each other.

– I want an Ipod touch.

– I miss the monocles. I want game night! 😦

– I’m thinking of getting caramel highlights in my hair. just a thought.

– I want skirts. I also want sweaters, dresses, stilettos and perfume from D&G.

– To sheila, STAY AWAY from Red wine.

– I want to go home.