With the passing of every day, I find myself surrounded by something new to be worried about, something new that frustrates and every single time I let it get to me.
Picture being seated in an exam hall, looking at a question paper that has one difficult question after another. Any normal person would feel overwhelmed if they had no idea what the answer was.
But that’s just it. I know the answer! I KNOW THE ANSWER!!! But in my small, silly mind I like to pretend that I don’t know what to do. I like to get upset, worried, depressed, annoyed. I write down all the wrong answers knowing my paper is going to come back with a big zero. I turn to look into the answer sheets of someone else who is probably in a worse condition than I am. In fact, since I already know the answer, I could actually help them too. But I choose to try their flawed method of analysis. Get myself dragged in deeper until I don’t really know how to get out.

The answer seems far away. Time is running out. I’m stuck.