OK. I’ve had it.
Everyone is either getting married, having babies or entering into relationships. Enough already!
I could not be happier for you guys.. really.
But do you have to throw it in my face?! Facebook, emails, TV, videos, movies.. all they talk about is love, marriage, children.. blah blah blah.
And I am finally frustrated.

I used to be ok with being single. Really. But that was when I was home and I had things to do on Valentine’s Day like go watch a movie with my friends or go out for lunch or dinner or evade the Shiv Sainiks.. something other than what this Valentine’s weekend is going to be. Spent at home. By myself.

I feel depressed already.
At the risk of sounding like a broken record…Sometimes I wonder if there is someone out there for me. I feel old, bloated and unattractive. I even wonder if I should have held on to those relationships in my past even though I know that were completely wrong for me…Β  just so that I’d have someone to call at the end of the day.

Ugh. I hate what I’ve become. Pathetic.