Men like to talk. They talk, give you advice and tell you how to live your lives. And then you stand back and watch as they act crazier and more stupid than you ever would. I don’t know what it is but I’ve been going through a crazy and wild set of emotions lately and when I see and hear things like this, it just makes me even more mad.I try to remain calm in the midst of all this but sometimes its really impossible. I dont know what to say anymore or who to say it to!
Well, except Sheila.. =) We dont talk often but when we do… Lol. I miss long walks with you Sheee.. 😥

School is going well. There’s a part of me that’s glad that we only meet for class three days a week while on the other handI’m bummed that I dont get to see my friends that often. In class, we talk about topics that really fill you with rage..!! Child abuse, genocide, racism, rape,wars. Sometimes I feel like I need to go curl up in bed and stay there until the world is a better place.

On to more happier topics, I watched ‘He’s just not that into you’. OMG! What an awesome movie! Its been a while since I’ve laughed, *wanted to* cry and ‘awwwd’ all in the same movie.. Although it was supposed to be a typical chick flick, the place was packed with both men and women.. Check it out when you get the chance. I definitely want to go see it again! 🙂
I give it a full ten on ten!

I’ll end here.
Happy weekend.