I’m reading these days which is good, takes me away from Tv and movies. There has to be something more.
I’ve been reading one of the sequels to ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’ and in some scary way, I understand her. Earlier, I thought she was really stupid the way she spent her money but now I can relate to her a little bit and I’ve noticed that I spend a lot of money too..
Am I a shopaholic??

I’ll have to wait til the movie comes out to find out! Lol…

So anyway, I’m reading on the streetcar and this woman right behind me is talking so fricking loud! OMG!!! I wanted to get up and throw her cell phone out the window. I know so much about her life right now. ugh.

For some reason I suddenly go into one of these sour moods. I don’t snap at anyone but I’m just upset and I really don’t have a reason… Weird.

So Slumdog Millionaire.. what’s it all about?? Everyone’s talking about it. must have a look.

There. I posted. I’m so proud of me.