As the weekend draws closer to an end, I want to sit back and reflect. You may (or may not) know how utterly horrible my last weekend was and I was so scared of something similar happening again that I tried my best to be extra careful. Like all other weekends, I stayed at home for most of it, slept in really really late on Saturday and generally ate more than I should. I also had quite a few interesting phone conversations with my Dad ( this one was hilarious actually.. but to protect him, I will refrain from talking about it here), my Mom (my parents are so good at being funny, they don’t even try most of the time), Sheila, Oscar and of course Beni (another series of random hilarious conversation). So I’m thankful that this weekend was actually pretty nice.

Something special about this weekend …A new addition to my list of “Firsts”. Tonight, the temperature will drop to 0 degrees and later to -1. For most of you, this us not a big deal but for someone who spent the first few years of her life in a desert and the last couple of years in B’bay (which was worse than the desert, temperature-wise) this is huge. Even though, I will be indoors at the time with central heating and all windows closed, this is something special.

I spent tonight, curled up on the couch, nice hot cup of coffee in my hand, watching Desperate housewives and Ocean’s Eleven, thinking of J*^~ *sigh*, wondering if I’ll ever meet Mr. Ocean, generally caught in the feeling of warmth. The only thing missing was J~*^ himself. πŸ™‚