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My weekend

As the weekend draws closer to an end, I want to sit back and reflect. You may (or may not) know how utterly horrible my last weekend was and I was so scared of something similar happening again that I tried my best to be extra careful. Like all other weekends, I stayed at home for most of it, slept in really really late on Saturday and generally ate more than I should. I also had quite a few interesting phone conversations with my Dad ( this one was hilarious actually.. but to protect him, I will refrain from talking about it here), my Mom (my parents are so good at being funny, they don’t even try most of the time), Sheila, Oscar and of course Beni (another series of random hilarious conversation). So I’m thankful that this weekend was actually pretty nice.

Something special about this weekend …A new addition to my list of “Firsts”. Tonight, the temperature will drop to 0 degrees and later to -1. For most of you, this us not a big deal but for someone who spent the first few years of her life in a desert and the last couple of years in B’bay (which was worse than the desert, temperature-wise) this is huge. Even though, I will be indoors at the time with central heating and all windows closed, this is something special.

I spent tonight, curled up on the couch, nice hot cup of coffee in my hand, watching Desperate housewives and Ocean’s Eleven, thinking of J*^~ *sigh*, wondering if I’ll ever meet Mr. Ocean, generally caught in the feeling of warmth. The only thing missing was J~*^ himself. 🙂


Winter is just around the corner

In 5 weeks, I will *successfully* complete my first semester at George Brown College. In just two months, I have learnt so much, achieved things that I didn’t know I could. The grace of God and the little seed that He put in me amaze me. I know that I carry the potential for change. That something in me can make a difference to a world that is slowly dying. That is my hope.

The completion of my first semester brings me to my problem.
I’m still hoping that God will work a miracle and make it possible for me to spend Christmas at home. I remember a similar prayer when I was 10 for a little sister. That, however, did not work.
I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Maybe, just maybe.

I was so sure that I would be going home that I didn’t make any other plans for the three week holiday. I didnt want to commit myself to anything in case everything worked out and I found myself on a flight home. So most of my friends are flying home to be in their hometown, some are going up north to the mountains. Some are working. I have none of these to look forward to at present.

I’m trying very hard not to be upset and hold it all in.

VERY very hard.

Sometimes, I wonder if I’m going to make it through this holiday.

I’m hoping that someone will adopt the poor little Indian for the holidays. Make it their little Christmas mission. 🙂

I’m a dreamer.

Making a list

So I’ve decided that I need to make lists. Lists and Lists.. of nothing in particular. Anything ranging from my favorite colors to the worst smells in the world.

I think I’ll start off with my latest fascinations.

1. Socks! I am so in love with socks…
2. Purple… I was in love with Green for so long. I think i’m finally ready to move on.
3. Juice. I LOVE Juice! Always have. Always will.
4. Granola Bars
5. GUM!! I constantly chew gum these days. It is a North American thing, I think.
6. Sunglasses. 😀 I bought a new one the other day.
7. Bollywood
8. Natasha Bedingfield.
9. Jackets.. I love Jackets.
10. Snow!
11. Fall…. its so beautiful watching the trees turn a beautiful shade of red and yellow.
12. Boots
13. Lists!!! 😀

This is not in any particular order of importance.

Have a happy Monday/Tuesday. 🙂

Ushering in November!

I woke up this morning to a very cheerful roommate. He knocked and very politely asked if I wanted to do some shopping with him. All I wanted to do was crawl back into bed so i mumbled something about 11 am being too early in the morning to wake up. Then I think he mentioned furniture for my room and socks. Socks are my latest fascination. I love socks!!! So that woke me up. In an hour, I was showered and ready to go. I went downstairs greeted by the delightful smell of breakfast (lunch?) and Mr. Sunshine looking like he won the lottery.

Now, I’ve only known him for 2 months… but he has never been this happy. Ever.

And then He looks at me and says those three little words–

“I’m in love”

My sometimes nice mostly mental roommate in love. Pretty amazing..

But I am so happy for him and I cant wait to meet her. If he’s happy that means he’ll be cheerful around the house and that way it will be harder for me to be sad and grouchy. 🙂
I hope I don’t have to wait as long as him to meet my McDreamy.
(Yes, I still watch Grey’s Anatomy… Don’t judge me)

Happy November guys!! Start working on those New Year’s resolutions.. Just 2 more months to go.
I have one already– BUY MORE SOCKS!! 😀

need a list of titles to use

I have realized that if you are not disciplined to begin with… it gets harder as time goes by. This is true for everything.. Your methods of studying, how clean your room is, what time you wake up, the food you eat, money you spend, prayer time..  in short, everything.
I was never one for discipline. I have heard the word all through my life but I never paid much attention to it. It somehow had the words “old” and “boring” attached to it.
But now… I wish I had disciplined myself. Like if I was brought up by a military dad.. Lol…

Oh well. Just have to work on it like everyone else.
Another thing… Procrastination and a Disciplined lifestyle don’t go hand in hand.

I watched “Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist”. For some reason, it reminded me of Juno and I kept looking to my left expecting to see Paras there. I didnt look on my right coz’ I knew the seat was empty. But if I did I would expect to see Oscar. 🙂

Today’s Halloween and I’m not celebrating (for whatever reasons) but I’m on candy duty. It breaks my heart to give away chocolate like that for free. I don’t think I’ll ever do it again!!

The weekend is here and I hope that means rest.