I have 6 assignments due this week, atleast one everyday. And all I did over the weekend was procrastinate. (It’s how I de-stress..) Procrastinating’s kinda fun actually. Until you go back to school and listen to your classmates discuss assignments that are due next week. School isnt all that easy. I don’t have any tests or surprize quizzes but these guys are all about assignments. Essays, presentations, reports, case studies etc etc. and EVERYTHING has to be typed out!! No last minute hand-written articles in the train. I’m considering buying a printer. It can’t be as expensive as a laptop can it? 🙂

W got mad at me coz’ he thinks I’m slacking off. Someone explain to him that de-stressing and slacking off are two very different things!!! But NOooooOOOOOOOoooo.. He has to lecture me!! @#%%^#&((*@#(*^&#)%
I wasn’t swearing. My keyboard just went nuts for some reason.

I need to get back to my assignments before the caffeine wears off.