Its been over a month. I can’t believe how quickly time has gone by. I have another 11 weeks of school left before we close for Christmas. I still don’t know what I’m going to be doing at that time. Tickets are still pretty expensive and my parents don’t think its such a great idea. I did find out that I get FOUR months off for the summer. I thought I could come back home to Mumbai and work for a couple of months but Dad said that I should stay in Canada and work. I dont know. Everything I’m doing seems to be just to get home for awhile. Back to everything familiar. I love this place. I love my freedom. I love the course I’m doing. I love the people I’m with.


Home!! Over a million miles away and in another time zone!

I was at the airport awhile ago. We went to drop one of my roommates off. It was harder for me than for her I think. Just looking around. Just reminded me of the scene at the airport. Watching about 10 people stand outside the airport looking at you through a wide glass screen crying, laughing, just being themselves. That was the hardest thing for me.

Its hard to imagine how far I’ve come. And what a long way left to go.
I didnt want to be posting about this topic again… But I had to let you guys know how much I miss you!