So two weeks into school and I’m tired already. Classes start at 9 am and usually go on til 4. Then two trains and a bus later I’m home with not much energy to go and be a tourist.

Classes are really great. I’m learning a whole lot and looking at different situations in a whole new perspective. There are a huge variety of topics including Working with abused Women, Cross Cultural Communication, racial issues, feminism etc etc. Its a little frustrating being around women all day and when I get home I decide to practice all my “feminism” on W. Which I have to admit is fun. I’ve always enjoyed annoying people. He’s given me a warning about bringing all that “feminist garbage into his house”. Lol. They warned us about that in school.

The weather is getting colder by the day. I wear a sweater all day and I’m sure that starting tomorrow i’m going to be wearing gloves as well. This when most of the city still walks around in those tiny shorts and little skirts.

I miss home and family and friends and church and rickshaws.

Right now, all I’m looking forward to is Sheila coming to Tor in November or Dec. I’ll finally have a friend that I can hang out with. No one seems to have the time for that here.

How are you guys doing??