It has been one week here. Its still quite unbelievable. My first Saturday and Sunday away from church were quite depressing. I was alone in a city that is supposed to be fun. Except I had no friends to go have fun with.
I missed church so much.. that both the churches I went to over the weekend, I kept imagining Shannon or Muriel on the bass, Babloo on the drums, Gaston and Diana on the keyboard.. all of us being our loud crazy selves. I did speak to Shannon on Sunday afternoon which was great. I love technology. It felt like I was back home… until he said goodbye.
I wish i was one of those pioneering kinds, step out to explore the land. But I dont like doing that. So today, on Labour Day when there are sales going on everywhere… I stayed home. Alone.
I even had a nightmare in the afternoon. Woke up terrified and… ALONE.
Man, I hate that word.
I never want to use that word. I’m not an alone kind of person. I always want to be surrounded by people.. even if no one’s talking its ok. I just want someone near by… that I can reach out and poke if I want to.

Right now, all I want is to find a church and serve there and be used by God. That’s all I want. Not too much to ask for is it?

i also want people to call me!!! CALL ME!!