So hey! I’m here… Its pretty unbelievable… I traveled across continents and got here. All by myself!!! Which is pretty amazing (amazazing… hehehe) considering I don’t know how to get to dharavi from my place. But I made it here…

Lots of interesting things along the way.

Maybe I should start from Sunday night. Sunday night was crazy. I had only slept for like 3 hours the previous night, went to church, said my goodbyes, and got back and spent hours finishing up my packing and all that last minute. Family came over to visit. My cousin thought i was leaving on Monday night and so she wasn’t going to come see me till Monday morning. And then the ride to the airport.. it was the only private that my family had shared all day and as I heard Dad’s voice shake while he prayed for me.. That really got me thinking of how I wasn’t going to see them for a long time. At least I was in the front seat, so they didnt see me cry. We got to the airport and there they all were… Shannon, Farah, Diana, Oscar, Paras, Eben, Gina, Vio, Adley and Nitin. My last few moments with them. I tried not to think about it. I did not want to start crying in front of them. Like imagine if they didn’t cry along with me… How embarrassing. Lol… We had some time together before I had to go in.. And that’s when it started… just as I was going in; I saw that almost everyone was on the verge of tears. But I could not bring myself to cry. If I did, then maybe I wouldn’t have gotten on that flight. So I out on a brave face and walked in. They were still standing there looking at me through the glass and making funny faces. The normal ones were crying… the rest were sticking out their tongues and i think Oscar stuck his finger up his nose. Maybe that’s why the lady right behind me never spoke to me. Half an hour later, they left. My family was still there though. Never leave you nor forsake you, I guess. Being there at that time was hard. I was scared coz’ I hadn’t travelled so far by myself before and I didn’t want to think about everything I was leaving behind. Change is difficult! Why must we go through it?!?

The flight to London was pretty uneventful. I was stuck in between two sleeping people and I realized that every movie choice they had offered was something i had already seen. I watch too many movies i think. So, I put on Chronicles of Narnia-2 and fell asleep for the whole movie. I woke up in the end for my favourite song though.

London’s Heathrow airport is huge. I had to walk for hours with that huge bag on my back. I was a little upset because the security people took my bottle of deodorant away and My stupid Bpl roaming wasn’t working and it seemed like i had no way to let people know i was safe… until I found an Indian!! A dentist from Delhi and she was on her way to Dallas. She was fun and helpful. She even bought me coffee so I could save some pounds to go online. Before I knew it four hours had gone by and it was time to get on the next flight. Please remember I’m still surviving on Saturday night’s three hours of sleep. So this next flight, I was seated next to a girl from Ghana. I stayed up again and watched as many movies as I could tolerate. We finally got to Toronto and after a somewhat long wait at Immigration; it was time to go to my new ‘home’.

The car stopped outside this nice, comfortable looking house in a nice neighbourhood. W, my roommate was home and he helped me move in. The room is smaller than the one at home but I’ve managed to keep it equally messy… to give that home like feeling. Mine is the only messy part of the house coz’ W is a very clean person. And He cooks and he has a huge TV. I love living here. He insists on me eating salad and the other day he mentioned something about jogging but apart from that He’s nice. Anyone who buys me cheesecake is a friend! 😀 Plus, he cooks me eggs every morning just the way Gina used to!!!

Tuesday morning was my Orientation. I had to travel to College by myself and while I was listening to W as he told me how I could get there, I almost considered staying home and sleeping off my jet-lag. But I decided to be brave and go anyway… *I’m so proud of me* I walked to the nearest bus stop… seemed miles away. Got to the subway, took a train and got out of the station. Got completely lost. i knew I was supposed to take a bus but I couldn’t find the stop. I asked a couple of people and they told me that I have to get back on the train and go south and then walk from there or something. I tried calling W but he wasn’t answering either. So, I’m standing there all confused and this cute-ish looking guy passes by and he smiles at me. So I went back after him and asked him how to get to whatever the place. Turns out He’s an Indian from Pune and he was sweet enough to help me out. LOL. How do i find them??!
He helped me find the stop I was looking for and that’s how I got to Orientation.

The Orientation was boring as Orientations normally are. They did give out free stuff including a bag, a notebook and condoms! LOL… That I think was the highlight of the Orientation… oh and the bagpipes…

On the way back, I got kinda lost again… but by now I’m used to just going up to random people and asking them for help so it was fine.

So, that was my first day and a half in Toronto.
I love this city. I think it’s beautiful and green with lovely trees and has lovely weather. I like the cold. Today, it rained a bit… I loved walking back home in the rain. Oh and Tim Hortons.. I’m in love with Tim Hortons!! Their cookies just melt in your month! And they have an outlet INSIDE my school. I have to make sure I carry no money with me to school… Lol

But I still miss Bombay and all the people I left behind. I don’t know anyone here except W. So right now, all I want to do is talk to everyone back home. I really wish you were all here to be a part of everything I’m experiencing.