I know. its been forever. I don’t even remember what I last blogged about. Its not that I don’t have anything to write about.I have a lot… too much actually. Maybe thats the problem.
There is so much to write about.. too much of it inappropriate. Its taken a while but I’ve concluded that a blog is not the same as a journal or a personal diary. Which means I can’t write exactly what i think.Too controversial.
People know too much of me already. Or atleast they think they do.Then they think they know exactly what I think and how I’ll respond in situations etc etc.
I admit I have no deep dark secrets and I am pretty predictable.Β  I’ve always considered myself an open book. If I really like you I’ll tell you everything about me. I

right now.. That sucks. I seem so dull and predictable. I want to focus on being a little mysterious. I want to be something I’m not. Someone different. I’m looking at Toronto as a place where I can be that new person. Where I don’t always have to be bubbly or annoying or loud. I could focus on being quiet for a change. Just to see what that’s like.

I have one month left in B’bay and its heart-breaking really. There are times when I sit back and I’m wondering why I’m going in the first place. I don’t have my life all figured out. Heck, I haven’t even decided what I’m doing tomorrow.So many decisions. So many goodbyes left. I dont know how I’m going to do this. I really have no idea.

I’ll focus on taking it one tiny step at a time.

To all those reading this.. be supportive. Don’t ask me why I’m leaving and why I have to go. Just give me a hug and tell me you’ll miss me. It’ll make things so much easier.