I am so bored.. I cant even blog.. I’m just too lazy to write about anything.. not like there’s anything happening anyway. My family isn’t back yet so Im still at home alone. It was fun for a while… until it strikes you that you are the only one who doesnt have a job or lectures to attend. That means you will be sleeping all morning and staying up all night and still have no one to talk to coz’ everyone else is tired or finishing assignments or asleep. Just me and the internet. Not fun for 10 days in a row.

Food is a real problem because I have realized that I cannot cook to save my life. I think I’ll stick to making cold breakfast cereal and dialing the nearest pizza place. But after a while when you have no money left and no cereal either… then what??! Gina has promised to teach me how to cook. I could try learning from mom but that would end up in one of us killing the other at the end of it.

I wish I could take Gina to Can with me. Life would be so much easier for me. 🙂

Tomorrow Ashwini’s taking me with her to some of the projects her organisation works with. First we’ll be visiting a center that works with children of CSWs (Commercial Sex Workers) and then later we’ll be going to a rehab centre for CSWs. That is the plan I think. I’ll write more when i get back.I’m sure it’ll be an experience that I will learn a lot from.

I wanna watch a movie.
I also want a job.

Now would be a good time to go to sleep.

p.s- The title will not make sense. if it does.. Hmm.. There is something really wrong with you.