The one thing about the rains that I hate is that I’m not allowed to leave the house. Its horrible!! I have no friends that live near home. They’re far far away and my mom is terrified of letting me out for fear that I will dissolve in the rain. *mutters and mumbles* I know that it is reason to be worried coz’ of the floods a couple of years back. She’s convinced that its going to happen again this year.

So today we had made plans to go to college and go shopping afterwards. Oscar’s family friend will probably be joining college and she’s new to B’bay and she needed some help shopping for college. So Oscar’s mom asked me to be there and help with the shopping. Thank you GOD!!! Thankfully, Oscar’s mom doesn’t know that I’m not very good at street shopping. πŸ˜€ I just need a reason to get out of the house!!

I need a job.. That’s a reason to leave the house every day and you get paid to do it too!!

Last night, Gina, Eb and me were talking late into the night… and we came up with some really funny stuff.
For instance,
Gina: You two are so entertaining. This is like television for my ears.
Eb: I think you mean the radio.

There was some other stuff but in an effort to protect Oscar I will not mention it here. Oh we missed you lastΒ  night Osci..

I don’t recommend late night talking unless you have coffee connected directly to your veins. We had to finish around 2. I feel so old. Imagine sleeping at 2!!

I can’t believe I get to go to college today!!! and hang out with the craziest and sweetest people i know.
I’m so excited!!!

I think I’ll miss the madness the most. *sigh*