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I really should update my blog more often. I don’t like when its all… dead. My past week has been stressful. For some reason, Mom n me have been getting into a lot more arguments. I’m sure there is a perfectly logical reason for me waking up each morning to the sound of her yelling in the kitchen. Someone please tell me what it is!!!! I really can’t take it anymore. I want to find a job so that I can get some time away from the Momster!! that way we won’t kill each other and we can get back to that loving relationship that we used to have.

But gooood news!!!

I’m going to be home alone for a week!! Momster and Justin are going to Saudi. Justin will be back by Friday and Mom plans on staying a little longer! *Peace and Quiet.. Such beautiful words* I wish Sheila was in town.. We could’ve had another week of fun but without Justin “Name, Place, Animal, Thing” just wouldn’t be the same. I miss you Shee..

My mom’s going nuts trying to figure out what i’m going to do for food. She’s convinced that I know nothing about cooking!! Which is absolute rubbish! I can make a real nice peanut butter and jelly sandwich!! and my breakfast cereal… Nothing like it!! Thats food. That you eat to survive. I didn’t say that to her coz’ you never know what could turn her into The Hulk. *I wanna watch the Movie btw* So she’s in there right now cooking up a storm. I have this feeling I could throw a party for like a 50 people and still have enough food left over to last me a month.

I’ve never been completely alone actually. Always had Justin there. I mean… in an “I’m there but don’t talk to me or breathe near me kind of way”. So this is a first. Good training for Can..


I think i’ll sleepover at Gina’s place. *I’m inviting myself over, Gina.. Thank you for being so nice to me*


My Day out

I’m back from my day out. The only thing I remember at the end of all of it is why I hate street shopping so much. Its humid, there are annoying sales men, you have to bargain, you can’t try clothes on and it’s a long stretch of little “shops” so its obviously going to take forever to finish and come back to where you started. (That’s where McD’s is) And omg! Women take forever. Turns out, so do the men.
When I shop, I just go to the mall. Air-conditioned, big, no one’s pushing you around and you can’t get wet if it rains… Coz’ you’re INSIDE!!! Isn’t that just amazing?! Oooh, and malls have a food court!! and you don’t have to walk far to get to it! I love malls. Gimme a nice big wallet and a big mall and watch me go crazy!! ๐Ÿ˜€

But apart from all that.. I’m glad that we had clear skies. Even though it was hot, I appreciate that better than walking through muck and getting stuck in crowded trains coz’ the tracks are flooded.

I loved the way we ordered at McD’s today. We were about six of us (Gina and Vio had to go get a haircut) and after all the shopping and aimless walking we were really tired. So no one really wanted to go to wait in the line to order food. Oscar, the gentlemen as always, offered to do this for us. Everyone randomly yelled out their order and shoved money into his hands *talk about gratitude* and I somehow had this feeling that not everyone was going to get what they asked for. *no offense Osc* So.. I did the most logical thing I could think of. Got a piece of paper and wrote down our names and what we wanted.
Oscar and Eben walk up to the counter and give them the paper and the guy looks back at them a little confused. (I think he was new coz’ He called for his manager) and then they got our food ready according to the list. (Paras was first.. i don’t know why I remember that) He even read out the names on the list before handing over the food. ๐Ÿ™‚ That was funny.

I saw the prettiest little umbrella today. It was green with white dots and little frills. So so pretty. But a little expensive and since I already have Kerala’s no. 1 umbrella- Popy (%$@#^*%^&) I didn’tย  buy it… It was so pretty though. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

Cab drivers are really mean!! They wouldn’t stop no matter what. I managed to get one cab by standing in the middle of the road and refusing to budge. Osc, Gina, Vio & Sherin got into that one. But Eb didn’t let me do the same thing again and so after waiting for a while we had to walk to the station. I was my usual cranky self. I hate humidity.

The train journey was fun and reminded me of the times we had coming back from college. I miss those days. Getting off the train was a little difficult.. Oscar had to accompany me to the door to make sure I got off ok at Andheri and I’m not still sure He made it back in. It was so horribly crowded.

So Oscar if you’re reading this and you’re alive, gimme a call!!

That was my day. Lots of laughs. Lots of Fun. Good food. Good friends. Little Green Umbrella still at the shop. Life goes on.

The one thing about the rains that I hate is that I’m not allowed to leave the house. Its horrible!! I have no friends that live near home. They’re far far away and my mom is terrified of letting me out for fear that I will dissolve in the rain. *mutters and mumbles* I know that it is reason to be worried coz’ of the floods a couple of years back. She’s convinced that its going to happen again this year.

So today we had made plans to go to college and go shopping afterwards. Oscar’s family friend will probably be joining college and she’s new to B’bay and she needed some help shopping for college. So Oscar’s mom asked me to be there and help with the shopping. Thank you GOD!!! Thankfully, Oscar’s mom doesn’t know that I’m not very good at street shopping. ๐Ÿ˜€ I just need a reason to get out of the house!!

I need a job.. That’s a reason to leave the house every day and you get paid to do it too!!

Last night, Gina, Eb and me were talking late into the night… and we came up with some really funny stuff.
For instance,
Gina: You two are so entertaining. This is like television for my ears.
Eb: I think you mean the radio.

There was some other stuff but in an effort to protect Oscar I will not mention it here. Oh we missed you lastย  night Osci..

I don’t recommend late night talking unless you have coffee connected directly to your veins. We had to finish around 2. I feel so old. Imagine sleeping at 2!!

I can’t believe I get to go to college today!!! and hang out with the craziest and sweetest people i know.
I’m so excited!!!

I think I’ll miss the madness the most. *sigh*

The rains are here!!

I love the rains. This Sunday when Pastor Joseph was talking about how man had been given dominion over the earth, I realized that we have the power to control what happens on earth. We just have to speak because of the authority that God as given us. I turned to Diana (Methrol) next to me and we declared that it was going to rain in a week or so. Turns out it didnt even take that long! I was in Delhi for the first showers. Last night it rained for over three hours with lightning and thunder. It was so… wow!! I didnt sleep till 3 a.m. And I woke the rest of my family too! I love the rains.