So my blog’s been dead for a while. I just had to face a huge internet bill and so I made choice to stay offline for as long as possible. Its difficult at times. But I manage.

What have I been up to?? Well, turns out Visa work is not a month long process.. takes longer than that apparently. First, my parents drove me nuts because my passport took almost a month before they returned it to me (I was told that it would only take about 5-10 days!!) And then we found out that I have to go to Delhi for the visa interview. Thats this coming Tuesday.. *I am so excited about that* But my Mom went nuts thinking about where we would stay and how expensive hotels were turning out to be and then she would spend all day worrying about the tickets.I didn’t want to book tickets until we were sure how long we would be staying and where we would spend the night and how expensive the whole deal would be. We got all that figured out thanks to Aridhi! *Sends big hug* But now.. Dad calls worried because Delhi isn’t very safe especially with the news of the crazy riots.

That’s when I got mad.. It irritates me that people can say that God will take care of everything and yet add a “but” to the end of the sentence. WHY must there be a “But” at all?!

I’m not super-holy or always charged with faith. And that’s why when people around me who are supposed to be my mentors get worried and fearful it upsets me. Because they are the people I will become. Don’t they get it? They should be imparting Faith… not Fear under the guise of Caution.

I go through fear and insecurity every single day. And when I talk to family/friends and they sound just like me.. it scares me all the more.

What I need most right now.. Is to be sure that God really is in charge. And that means that if he wants me going to this new country and be a blessing there.. He will make sure I get there.

So I don’t care anymore. My surroundings, the people around me, the news reports of Delhi riots.. I DO NOT CARE.

Because I have a GREAT BIG GOD who really has got the whole world in His Hands.