So we were at the mall and Oscar thought that instead of wasting time we should distribute tracts. I for one had absolutely no faith or courage or anything but i did point out people to Oscar.Thats one thing I appreciate about the guy. He has no qualms about going up to someone and sharing the Gospel with them. Me.. well, totally different story. I could find out a million reasons why I shouldn’t and what the consequences will be etc etc.
Anyway, the funniest incident. we stop at this shop where I had left a book to be photocopied and Oscar gives the man behind the counter a tract. On the front is a picture of a hand saying “Do you know what your future is?” or something on those lines.. dont quite remember. So this guy seems really happy when we Oscar gives him the tract and he looks up at us and says “Aap padhte ho?” It took us a while before we realized that he was asking whether we were palm readers or fortune tellers. Lol!!
we told him that Jesus knew his future better than any palm reader or fortune cookie. Funny story though.