Sipping on a nice cup of tea.. Its easy to forget everything around you and everything that you’re going through. I don’t know about anyone else.. But the last week has been one of frustrations and doubts and fears.. And a lot of negative talking and thinking.. Just not good. Not a good week. And as usual, instead of facing my fears and praying about them, I did what I always do. I slept. For one whole week, I slept. Somehow hoping that when i woke up, things would somehow be different.

But through this whole week, God’s faithfulness still stood out. He was still someone I could hold on to.

I’ve discovered a lot about myself this past week…
For instance, When I’m under a lot of pressure or if I’m nervous I will yell and snap at family and close friends. Do not take it personally. Its called Stress. Dont give me the whole silent treatment after.. it does not help.
If I’m nervous I babble a whole lot of nonsense.. which is why a lot of people have a strange view of me.
Its not my fault. You make me nervous.
And I also have this thing where I laugh inappropriately.. where I’m sitting in the first row right under the preacher’s nose and I let out these strange noises… Its so hard being me sometimes.

I need more practice on how to behave around real human beings.

The title doesnt make sense… but it supposed to tell you exactly what I feel right now. Its the perfect word!