and so are the mangoes.

Wow. I dont have much to say after that. 😛 I can talk about nothing for hours..but when it comes to writing a post. Ah well..

Lets just stick to keeping it random.. I can do that. Not too hard. Here goes…

I haven’t read a book in months. I dont even remember the last book I read. I love being taken completely captive by a book.. when its the only thing I talk about for days. Thats what TV does to you. Steals time that’s meant for books. Bad TV! BAD BAD TV!

I would’ve gone over to the mall to sit at landmark for a couple of hours just to read. But I meet too many people and I’m usually not in the mood to be nice and talk about what I’m up to. I don’t think “I wake up, eat, sit online and sleep” make up for interesting conversation.
Especially when a lot of people are so curious about WHY I don’t have a job!
Heck, If I knew I would’ve done something about it!
And then the comments about my hair… let me just say it once and for all. I know I paid a lot to get this done. You don’t have to make that scary face at me when I tell you. The one that makes you look like a toad.
I know that some of you think that my hair looked better before.. but let’s see.. I’m not married to you nor am I dating you. You’re not even my mom. Do you think I really care about your opinion??

Ok fine.. I do! So just be nice to me and keep all your “real and honest” opinions to yourself! Is that too much to ask for?!

Anyway, I have had a pretty crazy weekend. I feel completely drained. Its weird coz’ even though I’m at home I have such a full life.There is just So much to do. But exciting exciting times. God’s on the move. He’s raising up an army and I’m just amazed that I’m a part of it.
I can’t believe that when things are getting so exciting I have to pack up and leave.
I wonder what God has in mind.

Where He leads I will go.
But we have a deal.. I am coming back. I’m Indian. I will always be Indian. I want to be Indian in India!

I’m not sure that made sense..

as I was saying…  Summer’s here..

and so is the madness!