I’ve been thinking about relationships. About how you form so many of them in the course of life… and how eventually, there are very few that remain. Over the years I’ve seen people that I thought would be around forever are not around anymore. Either I left or they did.
I thought that maybe I understood why but honestly I dont.

I want all of them back. I want things the way it used to be.

maybe that’s my problem… I live in the past most of the time.
its hard to move on. I hold on to the familiar, the usual, the common, the known. I don’t like stepping out into unfamiliar waters. I can walk into a restaurant every day for a year and order the exact same thing. Every single day. I dont like experimenting with food.

I dont like experimenting with relationships.

I just want everything to be … normal.. again. Whatever that means.

“…once we grow up, learn our words and really start talking; the harder it becomes to know what to say or how to ask for what we really need…”Meredith Grey, Grey’s Anatomy