2 am seems to be the most appropriate time for a post. I dont know why I’m up at this hour. I should probably do something more productive with my time.

Or I should just write a post.  🙂

I’ve been thinking.
Just thinking. About  myself… and where I think life’s taking me. Actually where God’s taking me. Its so hard to hold on sometimes. But he just shows up and gives you a promise for a better tomorrow. Better than today. Better than every yesterday thats gone by.
And I don’t understand WHY I dont give more of myself to a God who actually has a plan!
I mean.. I have no plan. I started out thinking I wanted to be a princess. *when I was 7* and then I wanted to be a movie star.. and later a doctor.. and now..I don’t really know.
All I know is I’m following a dream. Not just my dream. Its God’s dream too… for me.

yeah, God dreams. I didn’t learn that till a couple of days ago.

and sometimes He gives you a tiny little glimpse of what dream is and you go wild thinking HOW? How can it be possible? Why pick me?
But that dream…
*sigh* What a dream it is!

This past week has been one of innocent aspirations, budding hope, tiny victories and a great big GOD!

I wish I could be a little more open about things but this just isn’t the right place.
When you meet me next and I’m walking around with a smile on my face just remember Joy is contagious. 🙂

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

All set for a fabulous weekend,