I woke up this morning with the aim to begin eat healthy. As I was reading a book on eating the right way, I made little plans..
No more chocolates. Maybe just once a week.
No junk food
More fruits
More *ugh* veggies

Even while I was having my first slice of chocolate cake, I was still making plans…  walk more, instead of using rickshaws so much

By the time I got to my fourth slice.. I had changed my status on FB.. I’m focusing on eating healthy.

After a burger and an order of large fries for lunch, I thought that maybe some fruit would be nice as dessert.. but the cake was closer, so.. slice no. 5 or was it 6? I lose count.

Don’t worry… I  finally did top off all that nice chocolate with some fruit.

The next time I wake up with these thoughts… I’m just going to turn around and go right back to sleep.