My new and improved computer is home and I am so happy!! Not just for that.. I have a lot more reasons..this is the only one I choose to mention right now for.. uh.. political reasons.

I find it so difficult to write these days.. There’s so much I wanna talk about but I cant.. for so many reasons. I cannot believe the problems a blog of this kind could cause. I have random people who know too much about me. I might even have a crazy stalker!! oh wait.. I already have a couple of those. *bangs head on wall*

but think about it… a blog is meant to be a place where you can discuss any topic you want.. Freedom of Expression and all that..  I’m rethinking the whole thing..
but I’ve read this whole ‘Whats the point of blogging’ on so many blogs now that I’m too lazy to think for myself. Maybe later i’ll just put up a link to one of them.

Moving to totally random topic..

February has been a really good month so far! The beautiful weather for instance.. I always remember February has being pretty hot and now, I cannot remember the last time I sat home without a warm sweater.

Hot mugs of Coffee, Mom’s yummy fish cutlets, Garam garam jalebi..mmmm

And chaat. I love chaat. I wanna take a chaatwala with me when I leave later this year..

There’s so much more to be thankful for.. Dad’s job doing well, the unstoppable church,  crazy friends, moving out, unemployment.

I feel good.
I knew that I would. 😀