There are two kinds of people in the world.
One kind that lives for themselves. Now, I dont have an issue with that. Thats where I fit in. i could write volumes on how selfish I‘ve been am.. Everyone’s out there for themselves.

But there is one other kind of people..
Those that live for others. There might be many who claim to fit in here. I for one, would not dare try to get myself into this elite club..
I know only one person who lived for others when most of those others didnt really care.. they were too busy having a great time in the first group.

Jesus. The only one I know who gave everything up for me. Even when he knew that for years I would live my life in complete ignorance of what he did or why he did it.

Today, I know that life for me would be to be like him.
I have a lot of dying to do.