I cant take it anymore! I never thought being at home all day could be so frustrating!! I have to listen to Mom and all her woes everyday. They mostly begin with ‘oh, you’re putting on weight’ and end with ‘how are we going to get you married?’

I have to find a job! and soon. I even thought of joining the office where my friend works.. Better pay than my last job, closer to home, I dont have to get to work until 9.30, alternate Saturdays are off and its bang opposite the mall! Sounds perfect no?

The only thing is.. its a completely mindless job! I do not want to be stuck doing something that i need absolutely no qualification or skills for.. I would’ve picked up a job at a call centre then!

I hate being here at this time of my life when every decision I make makes a huge difference to every other commitment in my life.. Family, Church, Music *laughed out loud at the last one*.

I’ve noticed that while lectures and extra classes is tolerated in church.. being out coz’ of work is not really approved of..

And thats how I feel too..I wouldnt want to be stuck at work when everyone else is at church.. having fun.

I wish people would pay me to watch TV.. I do that really well!

Why is 21 so hard?
I miss 17.. Things were easier then…

Oh wait.. 17 was when I made some of the biggest mistakes in my life. Big Mouth Christine in her early years…


Hope tomorrow is a better day.