The Festival of Life 08′ is over. I spent four days living on the grounds at BKC and being at home by myself instead of with that mad bunch of people i call friends feels so strange. no more grabbing a bite at the Petrol pump.No more VIP passes and fighting for seats and running to get a good view of the band. No more jumping and dancing till we couldn’t feel our legs. no more laughing like nuts with Violet. No more hugs from Josh..

Josh leaves today and I feel terrible that I didnt meet him enough. He was here for more than a month and I only met him for like 5 days in all!  Argh!!! Why do people have to leave?! i hate it. Cant everyone just stay in one place?

Dont remind me. I know I have to leave too! Do you think its easy counting the months?

I’ve never connected with a place as much as I have with this city. This place is my life. I cannot imagine a day when I have wake up to a place that sounds *and smells* nothing like this. If I had my way, I wouldnt move at all. I wouldnt pack up and leave behind everything that I love. I want to see my dear little Noah grow up and go to school. I want to sit down and help him with his homework. I want to be able to call Oscar at whatever time and bug him with my problems..even though most of the times he’s least interested. 🙂
walk around Bandra for hours with Sheila.

But like all good things…

I did it once. I can do it again.
It takes a while to get used to change.. but hopefully I will find people once again who will be my strength through those tough times.
But above all, I put my trust in God.
He’s the only who knows what He’s doing. 🙂

I still think the world would be cooler if EVERYONE lived within five minutes of each other.
Anyone know how to fill up those huge water bodies?